Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0

Smart manufacturing (SM) is a technology-driven approach that utilizes Internet-connected machinery to monitor the production process. The goal of SM is to identify opportunities for automating operations and use data analytics to improve manufacturing performance. Industry 4.0 is the digital transformation of manufacturing/production and related industries and value creation processes. Industry 4.0 is used interchangeably with the fourth industrial revolution and represents a new stage in the organization and control of the industrial value chain.

Our mission is to provide everyone with access to Industry 4.0 advancements and to make smart digital transformation a reality for every firm, of any size, in any sector. Our expertise in industrial automation and engineering, enables us to bring smart factories to life. We combine this with cutting-edge software design, agile development, and lean methods to achieve continuous, sustainable progress.

Benefits of Implementing Industry 4.0 in the Manufacturing Industry There are ample benefits associated with Industry 4.0 for manufacturers. They include:

Usage of IoT in Manufacturing:

IoT involves a network of sensors which collect important production data from devices, workers, and environments. Cloud software is used to turn this data into useful insights on the efficiency of manufacturing operations.

Productivity Improvements Through Automation & Optimisation:

Industry 4.0 technologies can help manufacturers automate and optimize their factories more efficiently. There will be countless new ways to boost productivity.

Better Product Quality:

Real-time monitoring and IoT-enabled quality improvement will help manufacturers ensure their products are meeting very specific quality control criteria.

Better Working Conditions:

The combination of location tracking, sensor data, IoT, analytics and other technologies will help manufacturers understand how employees operate in the workplace. It will become easier to find areas of improvement for worker safety and satisfaction. Additionally, the automation of repetitive and dangerous tasks will be beneficial for employees.

Real-Time Data Making a Real-Time Supply Chain:

Additional interconnectivity along the supply chain will help manufacturers understand what to produce and when to produce it. There will also be less guesswork about how consumers are using products, allowing manufacturers to quickly adapt to changing preferences.

Customisation for Consumers:

Industry 4.0 will give businesses much greater control over how their factories operate. They will be able to fine-tune production on the fly, creating one-off designs using a variety of technologies including 3D printing, robotics and smart sensors.

Early adopters of Industry 4.0 will have a significant competitive advantage. The fourth industrial revolution will usher in massive changes in product manufacture, as well as a slew of amazing benefits for forward-thinking businesses.

How DICE Can Help

DICE can assist you in establishing a DevOps chain capable of creating quick, agile, and successful releases in which your entire organization may participate. Each smart factory solution we install is naturally scalable, developed with auto-testing and RPA in mind, and will grow and evolve in tandem with the company’s demands.

We offer a full-service support structure that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not only will we be available to solve any issues you may have, but our customer success specialists will work directly with you to build solutions that make a meaningful impact in your organization, based on your objectives, KPIs, business data, and market insights.

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